To help achieve optimum indoor comfort this winter, consider a few easy tips for staying safe, dry and comfortable, from Lennox:

The attic. Without adequate attic insulation, your heating system will have to work harder to maintain a warm temperature in the home.

Windows and doors. Air leaks caused by cracks or holes around windows and doors can enable warm indoor air to escape and cold outside air to seep in, preventing you from maintaining a consistent indoor temperature. Seal cracks with caulk or weather stripping.

Exterior walls. To identify air leaks in outside-facing walls, try holding a candle near suspect areas to reveal drafts and then seal leaks with caulk or weather stripping.

Programmable thermostats. To further maximize savings on your heating bills, install a smart thermostat. Some even work with Amazon Alexa smart home devices and are compatible with any brand of HVAC system.

— Brandpoint

Laundry room

Upping your laundry room’s wow factor Doing the laundry is no longer relegated to dark, musty basements. Thanks to modern technology, great design and access to innovative ideas online, laundry rooms have come into their own.

Below are ways TV personality and award-winning interior designer Anitra Mecadon recommends to ramp up the wow factor of your laundry room:

High-tech appliances: “Smart” appliances offer allergen cycles, less noise, moisture sensors and more.

Loads of style: Laundry rooms can be decorated to complement other rooms in your home. Check out Pinterest and Houzz to spark your creativity.

Function: In addition to washing and drying, sorting, folding, hanging and ironing all need their own space, supplies and storage.

High-performance drywall: To aid in creating a healthier indoor environment, use drywall with extra protection for your laundry room walls and ceilings such as moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant drywall.

— Brandpoint


Cut your lighting expenses with these tips.

Same options in an energy-efficient offering. LED bulbs look and act just like the conventional bulbs you are used to. They turn on instantly and provide quality light all around. Most are also designed to dim and some even get warmer as they do so. There are even LED solutions designed to match the look of trendy vintage-style bulbs so you can have the look you want without wasted energy expenses.

Look for the Energy Star seal. The government-backed Energy Star label is a “seal of approval” that assures the purchaser that the product saves energy, delivers on brightness and has gone through extensive testing and third-party certification. Select products bearing this seal and you’ll attain your lighting and energy efficiency goals.

— Brandpoint

Home organization

How to create a mess-free mudroom

On cold days when a brisk chill sends you seeking indoor shelter, it can be easy to make a mess at the door with shoes and outerwear. Instead of a pile of garments greeting you each time you come home, add some structure to the mudroom with an organizer that allows you to hang coats and scarves and stow away shoes. While keeping clothes orderly, it can also help keep you and guests from tracking salt, mud and other messes throughout the house.

— Family Features