Brick by brick, George Dodd is helping to dismantle the former Cleo’s Furniture building in downtown Pine Bluff. On a recent afternoon, he reminisced about visiting Pine Bluff as a child when downtown contained many businesses and people frequented them.

“As long as there are bricks to clean, I will be here,” Dodd said. “I care about making the city look better.”

Dodd works for the Mr. Brick Antique Buy and Sell demolition service, which is also in the process of dismantling several buildings on Main Street at no cost to the city.

The former furniture store is owned by Elvin Moon, who recently lost a court case regarding one of his properties.

Last week, Judge John Kearney of the Second Division in Pine Bluff District Court found Moon guilty of failure to demolish or repair his building at 326 S. Main St. Kearney has also ordered Moon to demolish the building within six months and to return with photographs showing the property’s progress within that same time frame.

Additionally, Kearney issued a fine of $1,000. Moon has appealed the court’s findings.

Reached for comment after the ruling, Moon declined to say his reasoning for the appeal.

“My attorney advised me not to comment,” Moon said, declining to name his attorney.

A resident of Los Angeles, Moon grew up in Pine Bluff and attended college here. Moon owns 13 buildings in Pine Bluff, according to records in the Jefferson County Courthouse.

The documents related to his appeal did not specify when his case will be heard.

Pine Bluff Mayor Debe Hollingsworth has prioritized the removal of dilapidated buildings since she took office in January 2013. Several buildings have fallen in Pine Bluff in recent years.

In addition to the Cleo building, Moon said he will demolish an already-collapsed and condemned building at 219 Main Street, 326 S. Main St. and 124 West Fourth St., also known as the Hood building.