Agriculture professionals and homeowners now have an online reference if they suspect their plants have sustained injury from herbicides, according to a press release from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

The new Herbicide Injury Database at, contains more than 1,000 images collected across two decades showing and cross-referencing herbicides and the types of damage to many types of plants.

The database was a collaborative effort among Cal Shumway, associate professor of agronomy at Arkansas State University and two weed scientists with the U of A division of agriculture: Bob Scott and John Boyd.

“The photos mostly came from a collection obtained from nearly years of work to provide training plots for the inspectors of the Arkansas State Plant Board as well as county agents and other agricultural professionals,” Scott said. “The pictures are available for download and other resources such as a symptomology handbook and searchable pdf files can also can also be obtained at the site.”

The training was conducted initially by Shumway on the ASU campus and more recently has been under the direction of Scott at the Newport Extension Center.

Details: or a county extension office.

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