Committees of the Jefferson County Quorum Court on Tuesday will consider a proposed appropriation ordinance to set a 2017 budget for recycling activities. The proposed ordinance ordinance says that the county will receive $215,000 from the Southeast Arkansas Solid Waste Management District and proposes to spend $92,154.53 of that for a variety of items including the following;General supplies — $8,000Small equipment — $15,000Fuel — $9,000Tires — $7,000Parts and repairs — $39,054.53Small tools — $1,600Other professional services — $7,500Advertising and publication — $5,000

Also on the agenda Tuesday is a proposed appropriation ordinance that would transfer $230,028.89 from the Public Safety Sales Tax to the juvenile justice center. The transfer would reduce the Public Safety Sales Tax Fund from $800,000 to $569,971.11 and increase the Juvenile Justice Center budget from $1,550,002.32 to $1,708,031.21.

Although the proposed ordinance indicated that an attached line item detail letter from the sheriff would show how the funds would be allocated, the letter was not included in the committee packet delivered to The Commercial.

A proposed increase of $18,435 to the 2017 budget for the prosecuting attorney’s office will also be considered by the county’s legislative body, as well as the proposed transfer of $1,000 from the tax collector’s Automation Fund to the Tax Collector’s 2017 budget. Supporting documents f0r those two proposed ordinances were also not included in the packet.