Just as a reminder to everyone. As with every year, traffic flowing from the UAPB Stadium will all be one way until the majority of the traffic at the stadium is gone.

Traffic flow around UAPB Golden Lion’s Stadium will be changed to allow for the heavy volume of traffic following the Homecoming events on Saturday.

When the game is concluding, all traffic on University Drive (U.S. 79B) will only be allowed to go south towards the Martha Mitchell Expressway (U.S. 65B). All traffic on L.A. “Prexy” Davis Drive will only be allowed to go south to Pullen Street and then west on Pullen Street.

Anyone needing to pick up someone at the stadium should be there at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the game. No one will be allowed to go north on University Drive after the conclusion of the game.

Any person needing to get to their residence or job, located west of University Drive, should access the area from Dollarway Road to Rhinehart Road.