Dr. Amy B. Cahill, M.D., a Jefferson Regional Medical Center physician, has accepted the position of 2017-18 president of the Arkansas Medical Society.

Cahill, an obstetrician/gynecologist, is only the second woman in this role and is proud to serve as the face of the AMS, according to a news release.

She also has a family of eight, an ob-gyn practice, is a member of the American Medical Association and serves on the board of the CASA (Committee Against Spousal Abuse) Women’s Shelter.

According to the release, the AMS is the largest organization of physicians in Arkansas.

“The AMS will spend this year fighting to take care of Arkansas patients and Dr. Cahill will be the face of the society’s efforts,” according to the release. “The AMS represents the best interests of Arkansas physicians and patients in governmental affairs and serves as a resource for Arkansas physicians. As president of the AMS, Dr. Cahill looks forward to representing rural Arkansas, private practice medicine and physicians across the entire state of Arkansas.”

Cahill said she’s not going anywhere and is proud of her home in Southeast Arkansas, according to the release.

“I could go anywhere, but I like it here,” she said. “We have one hospital, and we have a very agreeable, patient-centered medical staff. We have doctors that really care about the community and are involved in the community.”

Cahill said that JRMC physicians don’t bargain with their reputations.

“Our patients live here and we live here,” she said. “I’ve got to do the right thing every time, because this is my reputation. This is not anonymous medicine. You don’t stay in a small town for a long time if you’re not good at what you do.”

Cahill and her husband have plans to someday retire in Southeast Arkansas.

“It’s who you live with that’s important, and who your relationships are with,” she said. “I enjoy traveling and meeting other people, but this is my home.”