A question of what can fans do to help the team stay in the game and keep their spirits up was posed during head football coach Monte Coleman's weekly media luncheon.

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Golden Lions are still feeling the pains of dropping a game in front of their biggest crowd of fans this season: Homecoming. Golden Lion Stadium was as packed as it's been all year with a total of 11,045 people in attendance.

Coleman has played at the highest level of football, so he knows what it feels like to perform in front of hundreds of thousands of fans week-to-week. Coleman also knows that the UAPB fan base won't ever be as hefty as his former Washington Redskins' fan base, but he does wish every home game were like homecoming.

"We're the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, this is our University here in Pine Bluff," Coleman said. "We do have some very devoted fans. It's about the kids with the fans. The kids love to look up and see the stadium filled with their fans rooting for them. It's their desire, trust me. There's not a kid ever that I've seen go out on the field and say, you know what, I want to lose today. Every last one of them go out there and use their hard-earned talent that God has blessed them with."

A week prior to the homecoming game against Central State University, the Golden Lions played a home game against Mississippi Valley State University. The attendance of 4,030 people at the MVSU game was drastically smaller than last week's homecoming crowd.

In their first game of the season against Morehouse, an attendance of 5,553 was recorded. Golden Lion Stadium is listed to seat 16,000 people, and when the players look up and see only a third of it filled with fans, it's not motivating, Coleman said. Because of the effort that his players put forward, he said he believes they deserve support.

"We can't win every game, trust me, I wish we could," Coleman said. "I would just like to see the fans rally around us. Rally around those kids, because it's a great experience that we're giving them."

Three out of the last four games of the season for UAPB will be played in the state of Arkansas. Two of them will be played in Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium -- one against Southern University on Oct. 28, the other against Texas Southern University on Nov. 18. In between those games, UAPB will host Grambling State at Golden Lion Stadium on Nov. 4.