LAKE VILLAGE — Using STE+AM, Lakeside High School students became amateur architects.

The Alex Foundation recently hosted its STE+AM Initiative at Lakeside to introduce 9th graders to key ways science, technology, engineering, art and math are aligned to an architectural career.

Students were tasked with envisioning and designing the city of Lake Village, creating multi-functional uses of the city’s existing spaces and the city’s future developments.

Students used enhanced aerial maps to capture the city’s landscape and used wood blocks and boards to construct models.

“With this, they took control of their own education to become engaged in deeper levels of learning through hands-on engagement, a tenet of the makerspace credo,” according to a news release.

Makerspace is described as a collaborative work space at a school, library or separate facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing, according to

Alison Turner, professor of architecture at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville’s Fay Jones School of Architecture, was the instructor for the Alex Foundation’s STE+AM Initiative.

“STE+AM is also intended to raise awareness among students and educators on the interdisciplinary connections that link technical and creative skills with architecture. Students were guided through understanding the applications of basic concepts of necessity, proportions, scale, physics and aesthetics in the design process,” according to the release.

“Funded by the Windgate Charitable Foundation, STE+AM offers an opportunity to directly immerse and mentor students in the design and built environments, connect an architecture professor with students for real-time experiential learning and give students exposure to architecture and design college and career readiness,” according to the release.

The Alex Foundation is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization. Its mission is to engage, engender and enlighten students to become exposed to college, careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in architecture, design and the built environment. Details: