On Jan. 25, The Pine Bluff School District held its annual Spelling Bee at the Little Theater located on the campus of Pine Bluff High School. Each elementary school sent a grade level winner to represent their school.

Each district-wide grade level produced a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.

Kindergarten winner:

First place, Sherrae Williams- Southwood Elementary; 2nd place- Jacques Long- Southwood Elementary, third place JaMiyah Davis- Southwood Elementary.

First grade winners:

First place Chase Filhiol- Broadmoor Elementary; second place-Elijah Newton-34th Avenue Elementary; third place- Zoey Lagrone- Southwood Elementary.

Second grade winners:

First place- Lauren Jordan- W.T. Cheney; second place- Nicole Griffin- Broadmoor Elementary; third place- Peyton Newton- 34th Elementary.

Third grade winners:

First place-Brayson Terry- 34th Elementary; second place-Mason Boone- W.T Cheney; third Place- Trento Darrough- Broadmoor Elementary.

Fourth grade winners:

First Place-K’Veon Oliver- W.T.Cheney; second place- Dantrell Shelton- Broadmoor Elementary; third place-Simone Taylor- 34th Elementary.

Fifth grade winners:

First place -Casey Madkin- 34th Elementary; second place- Deriyon Graydon- Broadmoor Elementary; third place- Jasmine Lever- W.T Cheney.

Casey Madkin represented the district at the Jefferson County Spelling Bee which was held the same night

at the Arkansas River Educational Services Cooperative later that night.