SPRINGDALE, — Arkansas-based Tyson Foods Inc. says more than 100,000 employees will receive bonuses as a result of company savings due to the overhaul of federal tax laws. Tyson said Thursday that full-time employees who do not receive an annual bonus will get $1,000 and part-time workers who receive no annual bonus will get $500. The company operates a large facility in Jefferson County.

Joe Cagle, who has worked at Tyson’s Pine Bluff operation for more than two years, said the money comes as a welcomed surprise.

“Every bit helps,” said Cagle, who is a single father raising two small children. “I’m grateful that this money is coming down to the people who work hard and who deserve it most, it means a lot.”

Tyson President and CEO Tom Hayes said in an email to employees the company expects to save over $300 million in taxes. He said the remaining funds will be used in areas such as improving training and education, including teaching English as a second language and General Educational Development classes.

The announcement follows similar actions at big companies including Walmart, Starbucks and Disney after the tax overhaul was approved and signed by President Trump in December.