Farm Bureaus will observe Agricultural Safety Awareness Week March 4-10, according to a news release.

The theme, “No One Can Take Your Place,” will highlight a safety focus each day. Monday will focus on general/mental health; Tuesday, fire safety; Wednesday, impaired driving (drunk and distracted); Thursday, hearing protection; and Friday, respiratory safety.

“This year’s theme, No One Can Take Your Place, was chosen because farmers fill such important roles in their communities, businesses and families, and it’s critical that they take time to ensure their safety and good health,” said Jason Kaufman, education coordinator for Arkansas Farm Bureau.

Arkansas Farm Bureau has two education coordinators who offer five safety and informational programs free to schools and civic groups.

“Farm Bureau is concerned with saving lives and preventing injuries,” said education coordinator Amanda Williams. “And we at Arkansas Farm Bureau are dedicated to educating Arkansans about safety concerns through courses such as Farm/Tractor Safety, ATV Safety, Distracted Driving Prevention, and Drinking and Driving Prevention.”

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“Arkansas Farm Bureau is a nonprofit, private advocacy organization of more than 190,000 families throughout the state working to improve farm and rural life,” according to the release.