Phillip H. McMath, son of former Gov. Sid McMath, discussed “The Lincoln Assassination and John Wilkes Booth Family” during the Bess Jenkins meeting.

The event was held Feb. 14 at Pine Bluff Country Club. The meeting was called to order by President, Lela R. Murray. Sue Merritt, recording secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and gave the treasurer’s report in the absence of the treasurer.

McMath is a historian, playwright, author and attorney who lives in Little Rock. He gave a brief history of the Lincoln assassination, pointing out that there was very little security of the president in that time.

“Lincoln usually had only one security officer with him, and sometimes none at all,” according to presentation.

McMath told how John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was a well-know actor, handsome, intelligent, popular with the young women, and a lover of the South, which eventually led to his downfall.

The hostesses for the meeting were Joannye Crabb, Mary Shannon Fikes, JoAnn McGeorge, Barbara Tracy, and Karen Johnson. The tables were centered with Valentine decorations, all in red and very festive. The meeting was adjourned by Murray. Dessert and coffee were served.