More than $12,000 has been raised for the construction four water wells in central Africa, according to a State Foreign Mission report from the Rev. J.Y. Williams Jr., a local pastor and foreign mission representative.

The Consolidated Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arkansas and the Regular Arkansas State Convention recently received the report.

Williams is general secretary of the CMBSC Foreign Mission Board, foreign mission coordinator of the RABC and Arkansas’ foreign mission representative.

The State Foreign Mission report was sent to President C. Dennis Edwards of the CMBSC and President James Mackie of the RABC.

“I reported a combined total $10,113 (Regular $7,113 & Consolidated $2,700) for the state of Arkansas for our Foreign Mission Station in Malawi Central African,” Williams said. “This $10,113 check was presented for the State of Arkansas at the (NBC) National Baptist Convention, USA, lnc. January 2018 Winter Board Meeting at the Foreign Mission Board Breakfast in Mobile, Al.”

“The State of Arkansas has just received a donation of $2,000 from Dr. Dwight McKissic, pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas,” Williams said, adding that McKissic is a Pine Bluff native.

Funds were received by Edwards from McKissic for the Foreign Mission Station in Malawi.

“Now with that $2,000 blessing from Dr. McKissic, Arkansas has raised a combined total of $12,113.00 for the construction four water wells at the Malawi Mission Station in Central Africa,” Williams said.

Also, the Women’s Auxiliary announced a $5,400 donation for water wells for the Malawi Mission Station.