A house at 3505 Violet Drive in Pine Bluff sustained heavy damage Sunday morning when a tree fell in the middle of it. Michelle Riley said she was inside the house with her two children — ages 21 and 25 — and her three-month-old grandchild when, at about 10:30 a.m., she “heard the center of the roof cave in.”

“It just kept caving and kept caving until the tree collapsed it,” she said.

Riley said she was able to get out of the house through a side door but her children and grandchild were trapped until a passerby pulled up, saw what had happened and broke a window to allow them to escape.

The family's vehicles were also heavily damaged as a result of the tree.

“It was unbelievable,” Riley said, adding that she had lived in the house for two years. She said she had contacted her landlord, and also the American Red Cross, who said they would get back to her. Riley also said she had no renters insurance.

A cause had not been determined as of Monday afternoon.