A committee of the Jefferson County Quorum Court on Tuesday will consider a proposed ordinance that would allow the county to enter into a contract and arrange a short-term financing agreement to pay for energy upgrades to county buildings.

The Arkansas Constitution gives counties authority to issue notes and to spend the proceeds to finance all or part of the costs of acquiring, constructing, installing and renting real property or tangible personal property having an expected useful life of one year or more.

In the past year, two different companies have made presentations to the county’s legislative body on ways to improve energy savings and reduce expenditures.

The proposed ordinance sets out a cost of $2,298,508 for the short-term agreement plus interest at or below a 4-percent fixed rate.

Also on the Tuesday agenda is a $316,633.09 appropriation ordinance for the Jefferson County Road Department using money collected from insurance claims and the sale of vehicles at an auction.

According to the proposed ordinance, the funds will be used to make a note payment, lease payment, for parts and repairs, vehicles, machinery and equipment and other professional services.

Another appropriation ordinance calls for transferring $77,892.22 within the Solid Waste Fund with the money being used for salaries and benefits.

County Assessor Yvonne Humphrey is asking that money from the Assessor’s Amendment 79 Fund and Late Assessment Fund be transferred to her office budget to cover the costs associated with IT contract services, computer memory for the office server and to purchase two new computers.

The court committees meet at 5:30 p.m. in the Quorum Courtroom.