All Called to Serve Ministry recently sponsored two programs for parents and youth drivers.

Parent’s Choice

A Parent’s Choice meeting was held April 20. The parents’ meeting is held every third Friday at 510 S. Mulberry St. at Pine Bluff, unless otherwise announced.

“We address all topics that seem to come and cripple the family dynamics,” a spokeswoman said in a news release.

Parent’s Choice is a place where parents are able to share and get pointers on a variety of issues.

“Parents are able to learn and develop a sense of belonging while experiencing a positive, social atmosphere through planning, participating, and practicing their given skills,” the spokesman said, adding that the meeting also includes refreshments.

Organizers encourage the usage of planning, participating and practicing in order to build and strengthen, while reinforcing relationships through trust.

Life Coping Skill drivers’ safety

All Called to Serve also conducted another Life Coping Skill session with the Department of Children and Family Services, a division of the Department of Human Services.

The session teaches youth about safe driving and reviews the Arkansas Written Driver’s Study Guide.

“A PowerPoint presentation was shared on teenage drivers and the importance of following the rules and regulations of the road,” according to the news release.

Marvin Patterson, a pastor and truck driving instructor, presented a device that measures the point of impact of a vehicle electronically.

“All Called to Serve will continue to assist the children upon request. The students will continue to study with the material and tools given to pass the Arkansas Written Driver’s Test,” according to the news release.

Patterson, who is also with Accessible Trike Bicycles Inc., shared with the class the importance of keeping their driving records straight.

“Come see me for truck driver’s training and possibly a job,” he said.

Details: Glenda Johnson, All Called to Serve Ministry, 870-489-7178.