Pine Bluff author Kathy E. Dockett has written a second book entitled, The Forgettable Through Jeremiah.

Set in the days of the prophet Jeremiah, the book discusses the parallels between the Israelites of the Bible and the world today, according to a news release.

“From the visual aspects of biblical prophecy to the 2016 presidential election, The Forgettable Through Jeremiah is God’s wake-up call to a dying world,” according to the release. “God surely denies sin which brings punishment. But His love is also sufficient to cover sins. He desires as many who are willing to choose everlasting life through His all-powerful blood. Where will you spend eternity?

Dockett further explained.

“The hand that feeds you is the hand that acquires your soul,” she said.”The Forgettable Through Jeremiah is a last day novel to get the world ready for the return of Christ.”

The Forgettable Through Jeremiah can be purchased wherever books are sold. Dockett’s first book, “Exceptional Worth: Understand Your Worth In Christ,” is available through Amazon or at Ephesus Christian Bookstore, 901 W. Sixth Ave.