The Pine Bluff City Council Monday night adopted a resolution approving an Urban Renewal Plan for the city.

Almost a year ago, the council approved a resolution re-establishing the Urban Renewal Agency, which conducted a study of blighted areas and determined three areas where blight existed.

Those areas were (1) an area bounded by U.S. Highway 65 to 34th Avenue on the north and south and Ohio Street to Hazel Street on the east and west. (2) the area bounded by Watson Blvd. to Civitan Drive as the north boundary to U.S. Highway 65 as the south boundary, the Arkansas River and University Drive to the east and west; and (3) the area bounded by East 16th Avenue as the north boundary and the south border East 17th Avenue to Frontage Road.

Ohio Street and Interstate 530 have been identified as the west and east boundary respectively.

The council also adopted a resolution declaring certain areas within the city of Pine Bluff as blighted areas appropriate for urban renewal as authorized under Arkansas Code Sections 14-169-601 ET SEQ. and 14-169-701 ET SEQ. The resolution sets forth the boundaries of the blighted areas.

Council members voted to amend the resolution by removing the words “Blight Study” in section 1 line 2, and replacing them with “as reflected in the urban renewal plan.” The Urban Renewal Plan will be attached the resolution.

Also Monday night, the council approved a budget adjustment transferring undesignated five-eighths cent reserve funds to five-eighths cent reserve funds designated for construction of the Aquatics/Community Center, which is under construction on 11th Avenue just southeast of City Hall.

According to CDI Contractors, LLC, the guaranteed maximum price for the Aquatics Center project is $11,230,135.00. This estimated cost is inclusive of the site work, building and pools, insurance, bonding, allowances for undercut, testing, Liberty Water and the State Building Permit Fee, general conditions, construction contingency, pre-construction services, and general contractor’s fee.

This price does not include FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment), architect, engineer or commissioning agent fees, and other costs customarily covered by the owner.

In other news, council members adopted a resolution authorizing the sale and conveyance of real property located at 5413 W. Ninth Avenue.

Darryl and Linda Simmons will purchase lots 5, 6, 7, and 8 in Block 23 of the Eureka Heights Addition #1 in Pine Bluff in the amount of $800.00.

A resolution amending resolution No. 3522 to remove a property declared a public nuisance (2213 S. Cypress) was adopted with a unanimous vote by the present board members.

In Resolution No. 3522, passed August 20, 2012, the city council declared certain structures and/or buildings located on the property addressed 2213 S. Cypress as being a public nuisance and ordered its abatement.

Subsequently, the owner of the property has made certain improvements to the structures and/or buildings, and has pledged to continue to do so, which promise to bring the property into substantial compliance with city codes.

In the amendment of Resolution No. 3522, the property will be deleted from the list of properties declared to be public nuisances to allow the owner the opportunity to complete renovation.