Edgewood Elementary School in the Watson Chapel School District recently conducted a fine arts field trip.

The Edgewood Art Club, comprised of kindergarten and first grade students, took the End of School year field trip. The event was designed to bring a fine arts awareness to students by allowing them to see priceless works of art first hand, a spokeswoman said in a news release.

The students visited the Arkansas Arts Center at Little Rock. They viewed a production of the play, Stone Soup, based upon the children’s book of the same title.

Students also toured the gallery, walking the halls and viewing various works of fine art in the mediums of water color, oil paint, sculptured wood, and mixed mediums.

Students critiqued and analyzed the art work and discussed how color may affect the mood of a piece of work.

The students completed their self-guided tour by their art teacher by viewing the Young Artists of Arkansas exhibit. The students were able to gain inspiration by viewing student works from artists around the state of Arkansas. Students were treated to a pizza buffet and play time at a park.

Ashley McDonald is the art teacher and Rose Martin is the principal.