Pine Bluff Interested Citizens for Voter Registration Inc. (PBICVR) Pen or Pencil (POP) conducted an end-of-school event recently to recognize POP participants at Robert F. Morehead Middle School in the Dollarway School District.

POP students received awards for improving grades and behavior.

“The Pen or Pencil™ initiative is an evidenced and cultural-based mentoring curriculum designed to offer interventions which alter the pathway that so often leads youngsters from school (pencil) to the prison (pen),” the Rev. Jesse C. Turner, POP director, said in a news release.

Ninety-nine percent of students who remain in POP graduate from high school and attend college, he said.

During the “From Nonviolence to No Violence Challenge” event in February and April, Morehead school and Jack Robey Junior High School revealed improvement in negative behaviors, according to information provided to PBICVR, Turner said.

Parents may register their children for the community-based summer program by contacting PBICVR’s office in the Donald W. Reynolds Community Services Center, 211 W. Third Ave., Suite 109 or by calling 870-730-1131, June 11-14. Space is limited.