The Casey Crowder Memorial Tournament named a repeat champion in the Little League Division, and a new champion was named in the Big League Division.

On Sunday, the tournament held in remembrance of the late Casey Crowder only had three teams from each division remaining with a chance to win it all. In the Little League Division it was Charros, NESCO's and Simmons Bank that were still standing. In the Big League Division, the three were EASI Ambulance, Bank of Star City and Hunter's Slammers.

The Little League Division started off the day with an elimination game between Charros and NESCO's. Charros would prove victorious with a 12-4 win to advance to the championship game against the defending champions, Simmons Bank. On Saturday, Simmons edged Charros 7-5 to stay to keep an unbeaten tournament record. Another thriller ensued for the rights to the championship, and Simmons beat Charros 7-6 to claim another tournament title.

Just as in the Little League Division, the Big League Division championship game would feature a rematch from the day before. Prior the championship game, EASI Ambulance took down Bank of Star City in an elimination game by a final of 6-5 to set a rematch with Hunter's.

Hunter's showed dominance throughout the tournament and beat former champions EASI 13-2 on Saturday. Hunter’s followed it up with a 13-4 win in the title game on Sunday to be crowned the new tournament champions of the Big League Division.