The Jefferson County Quorum Court on Monday will be asked to consider a memorandum of understanding to allow Simmons Bank to donate funds to buy furniture and fixtures for the new sheriff’s office.

During a special meeting of the Public Safety/Emergency Services Committee at 5:10 p.m., the county’s legislative body will discuss the proposed $25,000 donation from Simmons with the understanding that the county will not offset the donation by reducing the sheriff’s office budget by a like amount.

The memorandum also provides that the sheriff’s office and the county will cooperate with the bank to provide any publicity the bank might request, and Simmons will have the ability to place its name and corporate logo on the door of the sheriff’s office’s second-floor conference room.

According to a proposed ordinance accompanying the memorandum of understanding, construction is nearing completion on the interior of the building and the county does not have the funds to pay for new furniture or fixtures.

During the same committee meeting, a proposed appropriation ordinance transferring $63,992.07 from line items in the sheriff’s budget including machinery, equipment and vehicles to line items covering supplies, utilities, computer services and the like. No additional funds will be required.

Also new on the agenda is a proposed $35,000 appropriation request from the Jefferson County Board of Election Commissioners to finish paying the costs of the May 22 primary election as well as to cover the costs of the June 19 runoff.

Commission Chairman Mike Adam said in a memo to the Finance Committee that costs for the primary election were higher than expected because of expenses incurred due to water damage to the building which resulted in the need to rent voting machines, and the need to contract with an election night reporting manager computer operator.

The county’s legislative body will also be asked to appoint Karen Stroud to the Jefferson County Equalization Board for a term of three years and ending May 31, 2012.

She would replace David Boast, whose term expired May 31.

Items that were discussed during committee meetings last week and up for final action include the adoption of a resolution applying for a grant from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism to update the county park at Tucker. A condition of the resolution requires the county to maintain the park and facilities for 25 years.

Also, a resolution endorsing Western Foods’ participation in the state’s Tax Back program, which authorizes the state to refund local sales and use taxes spend to construct and equip the facility, is on the agenda. Western Foods leased the former U.S. Sugar Company building in the Jefferson Industrial Park last fall.