The Sesame Club met May 29 at the Pine Bluff Country Club. Ann Smith, President, called the meeting to order and led the members in the reading of the Collect.

After roll call and the reading of the minutes, Smith introduced Ann Talbot, who presented the program on Le Palace Ideal in Hauterives, France. Her program was the last of the year’s study on “Unique Buildings of the World.”

“Ferdinand Cheval was a rural postman there who tripped on an amazing stone and that started the incredible limestone palace. In a dream he had built a palace and the stone began his search for more beautiful stones. The stones were sandstone shaped by water and hardened by time. So what started as a small hobby in 1879 became a life project resulting in the most magnificent amateur architectural structure,” according to the presentation.

“For 33 years following finding the first stone, Cheval picked up stones on his daily mail rounds. He worked night and day building his dream. The outer walls were 80 feet in length and 300 feet in height. As intricate as vast, the walls includes sculptures of exotic and, also, mystical animals and creatures,” according to the presentation.

“Just prior to his death in 1924, Cheval began receiving recognition from the likes of Picasso and Nin. Max Ernst created a collage called ‘The Postman Cheval.’ In 1969 Le Palace Ideal was declared a cultural landmark and 1986 Cheval and Le Palace Ideal were put on French postage stamps,” according to the presentation.

Following the program, the hostesses, Kitty Rubenstein, Ruth Roberts, Diana Millenbaugh and Vicki Taylor, served dessert.