It’s been said that the wheels of justice turn slowly but that was not the case for one Jefferson County woman.

On Sunday, Flora Lunsford went into the United Filling Station located at the intersection of Dollarway Road and Hutchinson Street after parking her vehicle in front of the business.

What happened next, according to a press release from Police Lt. David De Foor, was three separate crimes were committed, with Mrs. Lunsford having her purse stolen from her vehicle by a male who also drove off without paying for gas he had pumped into his vehicle. A second male, who had shoplifted a bottled drink from the store ran out of the store and got in the car with the man who had taken the purse and the gas and they drove away.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning and Mrs. Lunsford was at work at Shannon’s restaurant where she is a waitress. Shannon’s is located two blocks from where he purse was stolen Sunday.

After serving a male customer, he handed her a credit card to pay the bill and when she went to ring up the purchase, she looked at the card and realized that her name was on it. The card was one of those that had been in her purse when it was stolen.

“Having no desire to pay for the fellow’s meal, Mrs. Lunsford called the police instead,” De Foor said in the press release.

The man who had given Lusford the card, Shamon West, 21, was placed under arrest and officers found a driver’s license, other credit cards and a social security card, all belonging to Mrs. Lunsford.

“As a side note, the driver’s license, as all do, had her picture on it,” De Foor said. “Therefore you would think he should have known what she looked like. Yet, he still handed her own credit card to her.”

West is being held at the adult detention center on charges of forgery, theft by receiving and three outstanding warrants.