Camden Road Homemakers Club discussed family disaster kits during the June meeting.

Eleven members and a visitor, Betty Roe, were in attendance. Vice President Nancy Sumner opened the meeting welcoming everyone. Then the thought for the day was read. Wanda Felts led the reading of the Homemakers Creed.

Jo Segars was the hostess and gave the Handy Hint on how to assemble a family disaster kit with a list of needed ingredients. Felts gave the Inspiration from Proverbs 3:5. Roll call was answered with naming one item needed in a disaster, according to a news release.

The treasurer’s report was given by Karen Gray. Sumner gave the program on family disaster kits and gave each member a kit. Betty Johnson gave an informative report on the state meeting held in Hot Springs. Also, Arkansas will be the host for the national meeting.

Upcoming events include Christmas in July will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. July 28. Camden Road is in charge of decorations. Lunch is to be finger foods and participants should bring the recipe that they use for the Holiday Foods cookbook. Hostesses for July are Wanda Felts and Wanda Strickland.

Lori Monday from the Delta Nature Center gave a program on making a terrarium. She provided all the needed items like rocks for the first layer, then sand for the second layer, and dirt for the top layer. She also provided plants to be used in the terrarium. Every one made a terrarium and was very happy with the results, according to a spokeswoman.