Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. has released Food for the Power of Thinking, a new book by the Rev. Antony O. Hobbs Sr., Ed.D., of Pine Bluff.

“This book is a historical guide to the achievements of African Americans,” according to a news release. “Food for the Power of Thinking is meant to provoke thought among readers, creating group discussions and new perspectives.”

According to the release, Hobbs wants to inform, motivate and educate African American pastors and laymen on the importance of knowing ancient African history as well as contemporary history of black achievements in America and the world through his words.

“The diverse writing history of blacks in the Bible, history of blacks in the secular world, including the cycle of human development, the author believes are extremely important and, therefore, should be shared,” according to the release.

Hobbs was born near Marianna, where he obtained his early education. He received two bachelor of arts degrees from Arkansas AM&N College (now the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff) in modern foreign language, French and Spanish, according to the release.

Food for the Power of Thinking was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pa. Details: or