Pine Bluff resident Nellie Bush Harris Addison recently released a new book, A Few Things You Didn’t Know, according to a news release from Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.

“Sometimes, the people who have gone through the hardest times, lost so many of their loved ones, and experienced so much pain and sorrow are the ones who end up being the strongest,” according to the release.

In A Few Things You Didn’t Know, Addison shares “the way things were,” growing up in a large, loving family. Although they didn’t have much, they had each other.

“We need to remember not to give up, because through all the pain, the hard work, and the mourning of our loved ones, we will rise above it all. We truly can change our life’s outcome and destiny if we fight hard for it,” according to the release.

Addison is a certified cosmetologist, color analyst and certified nursing assistant. She enjoys cooking, reading, dancing, traveling and sharing her stories with all who will listen, according to the release.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know was published by Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc of Pittsburgh, Pa. Details: or