The Jefferson County Quorum Court on Monday approved a resolution allowing County Judge Booker Clemons to sign a lease purchase agreement for new telephone equipment.

The county will lease or purchase equipment with a value of up to $125,000 from AT&T Capital Services “for the public benefit.”

The resolution does not specify the length of the agreement or what equipment is to be acquired.

A new phone system for the county has been talked about for more than a year.

Also Monday, four appropriations for the Sheriff’s Office were approved without dissent by the county’s legislative body.

The first of those transferred $103,154.16 that was budgeted for salaries and benefits for deputies to line items for fuel and oil, computer services, utilities, general supplies and building rental and leasing.

A second ordinance transferred $321,514.70 from the Adult Jail Fund, where it had been budgeted for salaries and benefits to the Public Safety Sales Tax Fund; it will also be used for salaries and benefits.

Also approved was a $44,926.76 appropriation that will be used to pay invoices associated with the on-going construction at the new Sheriff’s Office building adjacent to the adult jail. The money is from a loan the county received from Relyance Bank to finish the building.

Also on the subject of the new building, an ordinance accepting a total of $28,500 that has been donated by financial institutions to buy furniture and fixtures was approved. Simmons Bank donated $25,000, FBT Bank and Mortgage donated $2,500 and Pine Federal Credit Union donated $1,000.

In other business, a $300,000 appropriation for the Road Department was approved, with just over a third of that ($102,275) being used to tear out the old Willie Jackson Road bridge and build a new one, as well as rebuild two bridges on Altheimer East Road. An additional $40,000 will be spent on gravel, dirt and sand, $7,078.50 for culverts and pipes, and $5,000 for tires and tubes.

Another $76,000 will pay for the covering that had to be built to cover road equipment after a stormwater inspection and $25,000 will be used to pay the adult clean team to cut back grass in the intersections and right of ways as well as picking up trash before the grass is cut.

Also, $45,000 will go to the Arkansas Highway Department as the county’ s10 percent share of a new state aid project.