The end of the 13-15-year-old Babe Ruth State Tournament at Taylor Field brought to a close this year’s baseball season and the Taylor Field Commission is already looking ahead to next year.

With the 2019 and 2020 Southwest Regional’s on the schedule, the commission voted to follow the recommendations of Operations Director Jim Hill and take the field out of service for some much needed TLC. The field was closed on the public July 12.

The preliminary scope of work will address multiple areas throughout the park. Hill and his staff will work on the playing service, dugouts and fencing. Roofing crews will work to repair and resurface the cover to the grandstands.

Carpenters will make repairs to the historic wooden seating. Plumbing crews will work to repair and update wastewater lines and restroom facilities. The Taylor Field Commission has stipulated that all work must be performed with the goal of maintaining the great Taylor Field atmosphere.

The upcoming work was scheduled at a time that would allow minimal impact on the teams and leagues that play at Taylor, while at the same time taking advantage of the warmer weather.