Area residents poured into the Pine Bluff Convention Center by the carload Tuesday night to enjoy an evening of fun at the National Night Out hosted by the Pine Bluff Police Department.

It was a night full of games and entertainment for families looking to enjoy themselves at the event, which opened to the public at 6 p.m. and lasted until 9 p.m. Event organizers called the night a way for the community to come together as one.

Informational booths lined the entrance way leading into the convention center's arena, with each offering visitors candy, goodie bags and other freebies as they strolled past.

The event was adorned with enough attractions to keep the entire family occupied, from the cotton candy machine tucked away in the corner to a bounce house and inflatable obstacle course/slide. Three musicians from the Cummins Prison Band were also on hand, offering up blues and other soulful tunes.

Many people stayed on their feet, clapping and rocking to the music.

For those who chose to explore the many things to do at the National Night Out, more tables were situated throughout the arena, each offering free drawstring bags, pens and candy. Included in the stations was a video game set-up that allowed multiple children to game simultaneously.

Johnny Nugent, one of the many people to attend Tuesday night, spent his time making rounds and collecting free items from the various booths.

“I enjoyed myself, I did,” said Nugent, toting a bright green bag he had picked up from a table on his way out of the Convention Center.

Aside from Pine Bluff police officers, some volunteers from the community were present to help man the multiple stations around the event.

Among the volunteers, Morgan Saunders, a senior at the University of Pine Bluff at Arkansas, joined the festivities on behalf of her sorority in an effort to help monitor children using the inflatable obstacle course.

Even over the roaring of the live band's ballads, children's laughter and scurrying feet could be heard throughout the event as they tugged their parents in their desired direction.

Upon entrance, visitors received meal tickets that were redeemed for food.