The Jefferson County Quorum Court on Monday will consider an ordinance that would call on the Sheriff’s Office to mow the grass along roadsides in exchange for an hourly fee.

The proposed ordinance says that while the Jefferson County Road Department is responsible for mowing the grass, they do not have the personnel to do the job.

A proposed memorandum of understanding calls for the Sheriff’s Office to mow the county roadsides designated by the county judge and be paid $35 per hour. This year, the mowing season was designated as being between June 1 and Oct., 1. The Sheriff’s Office says they have already done mowing since June 1.

In future years, the mowing will begin April 1 and continue through Oct. 31, and the Road Department will pay all the costs associated with the mowing.

Also on the agenda Monday is proposed legislation that would increase the fees the county pays to the Watson Chapel Water Association for the collection of monthly fees for sanitation and garbage pickup. The current rate of .79 cents per month that the county is paying for each of those services would increase to $1.25 per month for each, or an additional $2.50 per month.

A proposed $35,000 appropriation to cover the costs of the November General Election is also on the agenda Monday at 5:30 p.m., as is a proposed ordinance allowing the Sheriff’s Office to accept $10.500 in donations to help cover the costs of new furniture and fixtures at the Lloyd “Pete” Harrison Sheriff’s Office building.

The Trinity Foundation has donated $10,000 and Fairfield Federal Credit Union an additional $500 for the new building, which is expected to open in the near future.

A resolution reappointing four members to the Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation is also on the agenda. The terms of two current members of the corporation, which administers the five-eighths cent sales tax that was collected for economic development and expired in May 2017, and the terms of two other members expired in May of this year.

The resolution reappoints Eugene Hunt and Glenn Barnes Sr., to five-year terms expiring May 9, 2022, and George Makris Jr., and Scott McGeorge to five-year terms expiring May 9, 2023.