Twin Rivers Paper Mill held a back-to-school drive raising school supplies in an effort to contribute to the Pine Bluff Black Firefighters Association B.R.A.V.E. (Banishing Racial Animosity Vigorously Everywhere) project and give back to the community.

Pamela Jenkins, head of Human Resources at Twin Rivers Paper Mill, was present last Friday to ensure that thousands of school supplies collected by the mill were safely donated to the B.R.A.V.E. Project Fresh Start that afternoon.

For the past month, employees at Twin Rivers Paper Mill were in a friendly competition with each other to see which shift could raise the most school supplies, according to Stephen Alexander, an intern at the mill.

“We have been collecting school supplies since the beginning of July, and we finished our whole collection August 3,” Alexander said. “We have four shifts – A, B, C, D shift – and then we have our admin and our day personnel, as well, to contribute to the back-to-school drive. And we have over 3,000 school supplies for the fire department and the B.R.A.V.E. project to take back.”

Flyers were posted throughout the mill listing the desired school supplies and encouraging employees to participate in the contest.

“We came up with some flyers, told them what we’re looking for, and some of the items we ended up collecting weren’t even on the sheet,” Alexander said. “But they brought ‘em anyways. Which is good.”

The human resources intern said that each day a tally was posted informing day and night shift workers of the total school supplies collected, as well as which shift was in the lead which intensified the competition.

Ultimately, C-shift claimed the winner title and collected the most school supplies.

The paper mill participates in many community service projects like last Friday’s and works with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Jenkins said.

The school supplies were given to students during the B.R.A.V.E. Project Fresh Start event Saturday at the Pine Bluff Convention Center.