Pine Bluff's new Community Garden is underway with plans to open this fall, according to Mayor Shirley Washington.

Located at 1100 S. Cherry St., the Community Garden is expected to be complete between September and October and will feature a playground, pavilion, 20 to 22 planters boxes, along with a mobile kitchen where parents and children can learn healthy recipes using vegetables found in the garden through live demonstrations.

The demonstrations are efforts made by the city and Washington to improve the quality of life and encourage locals to live a healthier lifestyle.

According to Washington, the land has been leveled, water pipes for the garden's irrigation system have been installed, as well as 12 of the 20-something planters boxes.

The remaining planters boxes are scheduled to be installed during the upcoming week, after they have been built.

Washington estimated that total cost for the Community Garden, minus labor and related figures, would come to around $75,000.

The city has received three grants in relation to the Community Garden.

The National Recreation and Parks Association awarded the city with a $30,000 grant, $37,000 was awarded by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, and a $2,500 grant was given to the city from Arkansas Flower and Garden Show.

The grants will go towards the playground area and pavilion, and the canopy that will serve as a covering for the picnic table that will also be placed in the garden.

The canopy will consist of numerous oak trees that will be installed around the garden.

As far as produce is concerned, Washington said the garden will be home to vegetables, some fruit trees , herb trays and flowers.

All items grown in the garden will be seasonal.

Although rain has caused a minor setback for the garden's progress, Washington said that the project is still in full effect and that she was already receiving calls from locals hoping to have their own plot once the garden is complete.