A fight broke out after half-time at the annual Salt Bowl between Benton and Bryant high schools Saturday night at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, causing thousands to flee the venue after some said they heard a gunshot.

Little Rock police said that there was no gun involved in the incident; rather, a taser went off during the chaos, which created a "popping sound," police said.

Many of the 38,000 in attendance scurried for the exits after rumors of possible gunfire spread quickly throughout the stands. Several people were treated for heat exhaustion and other minor injuries, police said.

Video of the incident showed thousands of youths scrambling down the bleachers in fear, with some crying and screaming. Others ducked behind equipment on the sidelines.

There were conflicting reports on Saturday about where the fight or fights took place, with some officials saying there was a scuffle in the concourse area, while others said it happened in the stands.

An official LRPD report issued Sunday confirmed that the fight was in the concourse area between two individuals. After the tasers "dry popped," someone yelled "gunfire," creating a mass exodus of the stadium, police said.

During the evacuation, several barricades were knocked over, creating more loud "popping sounds," leading people to think that shots were being fired, according to the LRPD.

A female juvenile was arrested for disorderly conduct after the incident. Police say this arrest was not related to the altercation 

The game was called in favor of Bryant 28-14 in the third quarter after both teams agreed to end the competition.