An ordinance authorizing the first of five payments to Relyance Bank to cover the costs of finishing the new Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is expected to be approved Monday when the Quorum Court meets at 5:30 p.m.

Jefferson County borrowed $850,000 from the bank in 2017 at an interest rate of 3.5 percent and agreed to make four equal payments of $188,259 by Dec. 15 of each year, with a final payment of the unpaid balance and accrued interest no later than Dec. 14, 2022.

The proposed appropriation ordinance, which was recommended for approval during committee meetings last week, calls for the money to be transferred from the adult jail fund.

Justice of the Peace Ted Harden said Friday that even with that amount of money coming out the jail fund, they will still have money left in the fund to operate.

“If push comes to shove, we can always go back and regroup,” Harden said. “There is still money coming from equitable sharing, and we’re getting ready to enter the fourth quarter of the year so the tax money is going to start coming in, too.”

Interior construction on the John Lloyd “Pete” Harrison Sheriff’s Office was completed in August, and a grand opening for the building is planned at a later date.

Also Monday, a proposed ordinance to accept a $10,000 donation from Relyance Bank to help pay for furniture for the new office is on the agenda. This donation follows others that the sheriff’s office has received for furniture and fixtures for the building.

The county has received a total of $8,289.54 in insurance reimbursements for sheriff’s office vehicles that were damaged as a result of accidents and another $2,616.46 from Doctor’s Orders Pharmacy to fight the opioid epidemic. The money received from insurance reimbursements will go into the sheriff’s vehicles account while the funds from Doctor’s Orders will be earmarked for advertising and publication.

Another proposed ordinance deals with sheriff’s office vehicles that were damaged during a hail storm earlier this year. According to a report from the sheriff’s office, a total of 44 vehicles received damage, with estimates for repair ranging from $890 to more than $5,600. The total amount of damage was $125,264.02; the county has received a check or that amount from the insurance company, which will be used to cover repairs.

The county’s legislative body will also consider a proposed appropriation ordinance to shift money around in the Circuit Court automation fund to cover expenses such as an increase in subscription costs, government email and Microsoft Office 365 renewal.

The $16,400 that is being requested is from a restricted fund that can only be used for court-related expenses.