In a written report about the death of Elvia Fragstein, who was kidnapped in Conway and dumped in Jefferson County earlier this summer, Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Andy Cook said he “learned of a gang called ‘MG’ (murder gang) out of the Pine Bluff area” that is allegedly tied to the woman’s murder.

Two PB teens have been arrested and charged as adults in Fragsteins’s slaying. It isn’t known if they are directly tied to the gang.

As you may have already read in the Sunday story from our sister publication in Conway, Fragstein died under horrific circumstances. We won’t repeat the details here. Reading them once in that story was enough for us.

To the Fragstein family and the rest of the world, we need to tell you that this is not our Pine Bluff.

You see, over the past couple of decades, our city has been infiltrated with the devil’s sin — youths whose minds have become sort of a warped mushy mixture of hate and hopelessness.

They have lost their way and have no respect for anyone or themselves. We try desperately year after year to cling to these young folks and help them, but somehow many continue to slip away.



Only God knows.

But as we continue to plan marches against violence and cry out against murder, none of it will end until we can recall these lost souls back into our flock and make them whole again.

But how?

As we wrote about a week or so ago, nothing will change until folks start mentoring and loving our kids — all of our kids — from the cradle through high school. We know there are dozens of good people and programs in our city that are already doing such good deeds.

We have to do more.

We have to create a generation of kids who will grow up to be parents of kids who are responsible, loving, caring people. Even if that means having one class each day in every school in our city that’s dedicated to morality and self-respect. We have to do it.

Otherwise, this cycle of murder and rage and hate will continue. And it will only get worse.

The so-called “Murder Gang” in Pine Bluff will see to that. You see, if we don’t offer our youths hope, these gang members will. They will fill the void with promises of immortality through “street cred” and battle stripes of time served in prison.

They don’t care about our city. They prey on our young and feed on rage and despair. They want to tear us down, Pine Bluff. They want nothing more than to have all of our kids be a part of their gang, massacring innocent mothers and wives — innocent, precious lives like Fragstein’s.

We can’t let them.

This is not our Pine Bluff.

Ours is a city of hope on the verge of renaissance filled with good people who care about others. We have to hold onto it and fight for it. We can’t let the bad seeds continue to sow themselves on our streets.

If we do, we have no hope of future success.