With no discussion and no debate, the Jefferson County Quorum Court on Monday approved an appropriation ordinance to pay the first installment on a loan to complete the new sheriff’s office building.

In December 2017, the county obtained an $850,000 loan from Relyance Bank and agreed to make four equal payments of $188,259, beginning this year and continuing through 2012, and a final payment of the remaining unpaid balance of the principal and accrued interest in 2022. Each payment was due no later than Dec. 15.

Funds to cover the first installment of that loan will come from the adult jail, which, according to the Jefferson County Treasurer’s Report for August, had almost $798,000 available for appropriation.

Also on Monday, a $10,000 appropriation ordinance that will be used for furniture and fixtures at the new sheriff’s office was approved. Relyance Bank donated the money, which will go into the county construction fund account.

The county has received a total of $125,264.02 to cover repair costs for 44 sheriff’s office vehicles that were damaged in the hail storm this spring.

Chris Brown, the bookkeeper for the sheriff’s office, said in a memorandum to County Judge Booker Clemons that the sheriff’s share of County General has so far been used to cover the costs of repairs, which are ongoing. The county’s legislative body approved an appropriation ordinance to place that money in County General under the line item for sheriff’s vehicles.

In addition to the money received for hail damage to sheriff’s vehicles, the county also received $8,2898.54 for damages to sheriff’s vehicles as a result of accidents. Those funds were also placed in County General for sheriff’s vehicles.

A proposed $161,809.78 appropriation ordinance to move money around within the county road department was also approved, as was a $4,400 appropriation ordinance for Jefferson County Circuit Court.

Circuit Judge Rob Wyatt Jr. said in a memorandum to Clemons that the requested money will be used to cover expenses such as an increase in subscription costs, .gov email and Microsoft Office 365 renewal. Wyatt also wrote that the money requested comes from restricted funds and not County General.