A Hot Springs Village women recently obtained a birth certificate that had been sealed until Aug. 1.
Act 519 of 2017 went into effect in July 2017, allowing one year for birth parents to provide medical records and redact their names.
Nancy Emmons, who was adopted, obtained a birth certificate at the Arkansas Health Department Vital Records Department in Little Rock.
Once they are 21, adoptees can request a birth certificate for $100 at https://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/programs-services/topics/adoption-file-requests, or can make the request in person at the Vital Records office.
Vital Records staff locates the file and processes any requested redactions. The process may take two weeks.
Parents who give their children up for adoption now have until the child turns 21 to decide if they would rather redact their name from the original birth certificate and provide a family history.
Birth parents may complete forms, available at the same website, to redact their name from an adoption file as well as update their family history information and contact preference. They can request to be contacted by the adopted child directly, through a third party or not at all. The Health Department cannot guarantee the request will be followed.
To submit a request, a birth parent must show proof of their identity, submit a notarized form and update their genetic or social history. A form cannot be submitted by one birth parent for another.