Learn more about this year’s candidates at today’s forum, set for 2-4 p.m. at Coronado Community Center.
The sponsor, Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association government affairs committee, has invited candidates from federal, state and local races.
The GAC encourages both Villagers and non-residents to attend the forum.
Invited candidates include those running for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, land commissioner, secretary of state and more, as well as the U.S. House of Representatives and Garland and Saline county offices.
No invitations were issued for uncontested races.
Each candidate will have three minutes for a presentation, and a question-and-answer period will follow.
In its September meeting last Friday, the GAC also heard from Fountain Lake and Jessieville educators (see related article page 2A) and heard various member reports.
Member Greg Jones stressed the importance of continuing to pursue improved internet availability and service.
Villagers Randy and Donna Toney, of San Augustin Way, live about 1.7 miles from Suddenlink service. They told the committee they attended to stress the need for service in their neighborhood and other unserved or underserved areas.
Jones said he continues to work with Suddenlink officials and others in an effort to expand availability.