As part of the Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, James Matthews Elementary School rolled out its CARDS Soar campaign at an assembly Aug. 31.

CARDS stands for Compassion, Attitude, Respect, Dignity and Self-Control, the five major behavior expectations that should be modeled in five critical areas. Those areas are the school bus, hallway, restroom, playground and Cardinal Café, according to a news release.

During the assembly, each grade level created banners that represented the letters in CARDS.

“The program incentives allow students to rack up Cardinal Bucks for good actions and behaviors exhibited in the five major areas on campus. Cardinal Bucks are deposited during the 3rd week of every month and redeemed for prizes, special dress code, snacks and much more,” according to the release.

Principal Leondra Williams and Assistant Principal/PBIS Coach David Sims addressed students and teachers about the program and a team of teacher cheerleaders encouraged the crowd with cheers and clapping.

The assembly was the culmination of PBIS Spirit Week which incorporated daily themes. The assembly was followed by a rotation schedule that allowed Kindergarten through 4th grade classes to visit each of the five critical areas, learn the expectations, and model what was expected while being led by a campus PBIS member and their classroom teachers.

“This initiative has played a major role in the strides James Matthews is making toward excellence,” according to the release.