Temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity didn’t deter more than 100 golfers from showing their support for Voices for Children Friday at their annual golf tournament held at Harbor Oaks.

Glenda Dean, who is president of the board for Voices for Children, a not-for-profit organization, said 29 teams signed up to play the course and were fed lunch and snacks before the tournament began.

“We had to turn down some people because there were not enough golf carts for everybody,” Tori Reap, training and marketing specialist for Voices for Children, said.

Dean said the money raised from the tournament will be used to train volunteers who work with children in foster care in Jefferson and Lincoln counties, adding that there are currently 126 children with whom volunteers work.

The volunteers work with Sixth Division Circuit Court Judge Earnest E. Brown, who handles juvenile cases in the two counties.

Although he said he didn’t play golf, Brown was on hand Friday to offer his support for the organizers and to thank the participants.

“I came out to shake hands and say thanks,” Brown said. “This organization does so much good in our community.”

Known nationally as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), volunteers work with just one case, which could involve a single child or multiple siblings, Reap said.

“Caseworkers might change and foster homes might change but that advocate is the constant for the child or children,” she said.

Reap said the volunteers also ensure court orders are being followed and that children have what they need, which could include glasses, braces, or whatever while they are in the court system.

For more information, call Voices for Children at 870-536-5922.