Jody Stout and Tamieka Shelby presented the program, “Aches and Pains — Finding Relief Using Non-Drug Methods/Essential Oils,” at the recent meeting of the Heart-N-Hands Extension Homemakers Club. The meeting was held at the Centennial Fellowship Church at White Hall.

Stout discussed pain levels and suggested trying a non-drug method for pain relief. She stated that aromatherapy refers to medicinal or therapeutic use of essential oils absorbed through the skin or olfactory (sense of smell) system.

“Essential oils can also be used in a therapeutic massage. Most research has focused on use to manage depression, anxiety, muscle tension, sleep disturbance, nausea and pain,” according to the presentation.

Stout brought a mint plant to show during the presentation while Shelby brought many essential oils and discussed their usage.

“Essential oils currently available for medicinal use are generally recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, and peppermint are the most frequently utilized extracts,” according to the presentation. “Shelby also brought a book, ‘Modern Essential Oils’ and looked up answers to questions.”

Dot Hart, a guest, also gave additional information.

Brenda Robinson, club president, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked participants for attending club activities.

Debbie James taught a Snow Man Top Hat Workshop. Those attending were Robinson, Delores Kelley, Connie Herrin, Peyton King, Kaye Richardson, Lynda Toler, Cathy Lewis, Patsy Brown, Brenda Dixon, Carolyn Harness, Vivian Gerlach, Liz Crosby, Sandy Smith, Nancy Rosen, Jody Stout and Baleigh Boykin (granddaughter of Stout) and Miranda Phillips (granddaughter of James).

Participants also discussed recent events. Members attended the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Fellowship Tour to the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas. Those attending “Sister Act,” the summer musical, from Heart-N-Hands EHC were: Rosen, Gerry Crutchfield, Patsy Brown, Stout, Robinson, Kelley, Herrin, Dixon, Toler, Gerlach, McGowan, Richardson, Joyce Johnson, Alpha Hopkins, Barbra Freeman, Kathryn Brown, James, Doris Turbeville, Smith, Harness, and Carol Hastings.

Those attending “Christmas in July” from Heart-N-Hands EHC were: Robinson, Toler, Kelley, Johnson, Linda Murray, Rosen, Fritz, Harness, Richardson, James, Patsy Brown, Turbeville, McGowan, Smith, Herrin, Gerlach, Lewis, Crutchfield, Hastings, Shirley Shelley, Margaret Thomas, and Stout.

Smith presented ideas for possible fellowship tours and welcomed comments. Mosaic Madness in Hot Springs is being considered. Also, Gerlach, Patsy Brown, and Sue Womack brought items for Show and Tell.

Activities that the club members can look forwrd to attending are: the check-in at the Southeast Arkansas District Fair, Livestock Show and Rodeo at Hestand Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 30, and the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Fall Council at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 2, at the conference room of the Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service.

After the meeting, the club adjourned to the Mongolian Grill for lunch.

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