I believe everyone would like nice, clean cut with a good education, polite and no criminal record people as members of their church. Right? Well, allow me to give you a snapshot group of characters that you might say no way!

Let’s start with this man that killed a man and ran off and hid himself, got married worked for his father in law for some 40 years, and would you believe this man, of all others, God handpicked him to be a great leader and law giver of His people. His name is Moses.

We don’t want to leave out the women. Think of this, a prostitute, giving men of God directions after hiding and lying about there whereabouts. Guess who? Rahab, a woman who later married one of the spies named Salmon. We find her in the genealogy of our Lord Jesus.

Well, let’s keep looking and here we find a man that today would have the authority of a president. But who wants this man? He got a woman pregnant and had her husband placed in a position to be killed. No, not this man in your church, right? His name is David, the king of Israel. The first one to establish Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

Now, think about this man who had twins by his daughter-in-law. What? Are you for real? His name is Judah (Jesus came from the tribe of Judah).

I must bring this person in our conversation. He walked with Jesus daily and when the heat started to hit the fan he said, “I don’t know the man” more than one time. Guess who? His name is Simon Peter. Would you be afraid to put him on the church roll? He might deny you! Don’t worry, Jesus got him straight.

I could go on but there are just too many. Allow me to give you this man. He is well educated who had a seat on the council (not Pine Bluff). He thought that he was doing God a favor by requesting and receiving papers to go from city to city to drag out men and women to have them beaten and killed for following Jesus of Nazareth.

Would you believe this man met Jesus on the way to the city of Damascus to do harm to followers of Jesus? Well, you guessed it! Jesus stopped this man, called him a chosen vessel, saved him, anointed him to be an apostle. His name is Paul. Can you believe it? Now, who would want these characters in their church? Jesus did. Think about yourself. He wants you also. I thank God, He chose me. At Breath of Life, our doors have always been open for everyone. We have the words of eternal life. Come and see!

The Rev. Kerry Price Sr. is the pastor at Breath of Life Church at Pine Bluff.

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