JOHNSON STREET, 5200 BLOCK: A 2006 Hyundai Sonata valued at $3,000 was reported stolen.

NORTH 36TH STREET, 1300 BLOCK: A washer and dryer, four tires, 10 boxes of tile, six bikes and a shower door kit valued at $2,184 were reported stolen.


A FORT SMITH WOMAN reported her boyfriend grabbed her by her shoulder, pushed her against a wall and onto the ground and then pulled her jaw from the inside of her mouth.

A FORT SMITH MAN reported a man who was hosting him told him he couldn't stay at his residence anymore and flashed a revolver.


A MANAGER AT SONIC, 3718 Towson Ave., reported a woman tried to pay for her food with a fake $20 bill and left when the employee checked it.

A FORT SMITH WOMAN reported her grandson had forged two checks in her name written to himself for $595.


A FORT SMITH MAN reported $800 damage to two mopeds damaged.

MATTHEW ROBERT BRIMBLE OF MANSFIELD was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of drug paraphernalia for ingesting methamphetamine or cocaine and failure to appear and misdemeanor second-degree criminal impersonation and failure to pay a fine.