New St. Hurricane Sisters of Faith shared with the young women of the SAFETY (Saving Adolescent Females Empowering Today’s Youth) Program, a project of Full Circle 360, a non-profit agency.

They gave godly advice in the areas of bullying and being leaders not followers, according to a news release.

“We thank these ladies for the work they do outside the church walls,” a spokesman said, adding that the community needs more people like them.

Also, the SAFETY Program participants thanked the presenters for sharing self defense and wisdom with the group.

A presenter spoke honestly to the young women and demonstrated how to conduct self defense techniques if they’re in trouble.

“Hit hard, go for the eyes, run, run, run,” she said. “But make smart choices. Don’t be places that you shouldn’t be. Don’t turn your phone locations off. Watch what you do around friends, and where you leave regular drinks because people do dangerous things and drinks are the leading way many people get taken advantage of.”