The Arkansas State Veterans Home at North Little Rock (ASVH-NLR) recently announced that it was seeking volunteers to assist in activities with the veteran residents.

Chris Dow, recreational activities director, said volunteers were needed to assist with bingo, gardening, fishing derbys, receptions, holiday events, ice-cream socials, cook-outs and any events that stimulate social interaction, according to a news release.

Dow met with Mary Ellen Laursen, the United States Daughters of 1812 (U.S.D. 1812) state veterans chairwoman and explained that recreational activities were imperative so that social interaction is encouraged for the residents.

Dow had no staff and was seeking volunteers to assist. Laursen committed to taking the needs of the facility back to the state membership. Chapters are located in Bella Vista, Texarkana, Little Rock and Pine Bluff.

During the recent meeting, there were 72 veterans residing at the home, including nine women.

“Officials broke ground for ASVH-NLR on July 29, 2015. It is the first veterans home in Arkansas developed from the ground-up for the sole purpose of long-term care for our veterans,” according to the release.

“ASVH-NLR is a ‘small home’ design with eight individual homes that serve 12 residents each. Each resident will have a private room and private bathroom. Less than one percent of long-term care facilities across the nation are built and operated as small homes. The small home concept seeks to de-institutionalize care and provide a warm, home-like environment in a setting that encourages social activity. As a result of the design, the operating model differs substantially from that of a traditional skilled nursing facility,” according to the release.

For details or volunteer opportunities, contact Dow at 501-683-3326 or For information regarding the veterans activities of U.S.D. 1812, contact Laursen at 501-922-4802.