A proposed $40,000 appropriation for the Jefferson County Election Commission to help cover the costs associated with the Nov. 6 General Election will be on the agenda when the Jefferson County Quorum Court meets at 5:30 p.m. tonight.

The meeting was moved from Monday because of the Columbus Day Holiday.

According to information attached to the proposed ordinance, a majority of the requested money, $36.497, will be spent to pay two election officials, seven election day technicians and mileage, 39 poll judges, 39 poll sheriff’s, approximately 150 poll workers, 11 absentee ballot canvassers, seven election night clerks and two auditors.

Another $600 will be used to pay for an election night reporting manager and $2,730 for poll worker training.

In a related issue, the county’s legislative body will consider a $10,000 appropriation for the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office to cover election expenses for early voting.

County Clerk Shawndra Taggart said in a letter to County Judge Booker Clemons and the members of the Quorum Court that the Internal Revenue Service and the State Division of Legislative Audit now requires her office to pay all poll workers and Election Commission members through the county’s payroll system, and the county is required to pay social security and medicare for poll workers who exceed the threshold this year.

Taggart said $8,100 of the money she is asking for will be used for part-time employees, another $600 for FICA match, and the remaining $1,300 for general supplies.

An ordinance permitting Clemons to accept the donation of a building at 5201 W. Barraque St., which was formerly used by Entergy Services, will be up for a final vote.

The just-over-27,000-square-foot building and storage space was built around 1991, and according to a property summary that was included in the Quorum Court packet, it is valued between $407,000 and $679,000.

Also on the agenda is a $3,502.03 appropriation ordinance for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, which reflects checks the county has received on two non-hail-related insurance claims.

Other agenda items Tuesday include: a $20,000 appropriation for MECA (Metropolitan Emergency Communications Association). Half of those funds will be used for overtime and the other half for part-time salaries; a $1,300 appropriation for First-Division Circuit Court to cover telephone and fax expenses; and a $4,633.10 appropriation for the Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office for machinery and equipment, meals and lodging, travel and licenses and renewals.

Also on the agenda is a resolution appointing Travis D. White Sr. to the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library Board of Trustees for a term to expire Nov. 30, 2019.