An incident Monday afternoon at Pine Bluff High School involving a student who was initially thought to be wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying weapons caused a stir on social media among parents and others. School officials said Tuesday that the outfit was just a costume and that the guns were not real; however, the student has been disciplined.

PBSD Superintendent Jeremy Owoh confirmed Wednesday that the student had on a costume and that no one was harmed and no classes were disrupted by the incident.

He said that “safety is the top priority on all campuses; the information that has been posted on Facebook is not true.”

According to Owoh, the student, whose name is being withheld because they are a minor, was walking away from the high school campus during school hours and was stopped by security. Something prompted the security to notice the costume, Owoh said.

“Because the costume looked so real, the situation was handled appropriately by the district administrators and the student resource officer, who followed the proper policies,” the superintendent said.

Owoh said that he couldn’t confirm whether the student had any contact or conversations with any other students or teachers.

When asked if parents had been notified of the incident, he said that “all high school guardians were contacted via email and voicemails.”

The faculty and staff at PBHS had an active shooter training on Tuesday. The Commercial asked Owoh if the training was provided because of Monday’s incident, but he said he couldn’t “confirm nor deny” that statement.