Camden Road Extension Homemakers Club met recently at the Whiteville Baptist Church in the Watson Chapel community.

Jo Segars, president, welcomed everyone and inquired about the few members that were not there. She also welcomed a prospective new member, Fran Smith, according to a news release.

Andrea Hartley read the thought of the day,” Your temper is like a fire. It gets very destructive when it gets out of control.”

Hartley was also thanked for making some Halloween decorations.

Nancy Sumner, vice president, led the group in the Extension Homemakers Creed.

Bettye Johnson read the handy hint, “If a fire occurs in your home: Get out, stay out, and call for help.”

Wanda Felts read the inspiration from Psalms 4:8.

Vicky Inich called the roll by asking, “Does your family have a fire escape plan?” Members in attendance were Andrea Hartley, Dorothy Green, Claudia Clark, Nancy Sumner, Karen Gray, Jo Segars, Sue Holdford, Mary Smith, Bettye Johnson, Wanda Felts, Kathy Rogers, Vicky Inich and guest, Fran Smith.

Inich presented the program, “Fire Safety for your family.” She mentioned several items that need to be addressed around one’s home.

“You need to remove flammable items stored in your carport. Combustible materials should never be stored under decks or porches and all dead vegetation should be removed from around houses. Trim tree limbs and scrubs from around the home. Have fire alarm systems installed. If you have battery operated alarms, change batteries when you change daylight saving time,” according to the presentation.

Claudia Clark discussed options on a location to have the birthday luncheon this month. The members chose Shannon’s in the Dollarway community.

Andrea Hartley shared a snippet she had read: “Safety for your phones: watch your iPhone when you go to hotels. You should not lay them down on the tables. They should be stored in your purse or luggage. Some people have had information taken off their phones.”

Some members went down to the county Extension office and sold tickets to Holiday Foods recently.

Bettye Johnson, Kathy Rogers, Wanda Felts, Dorothy Green, Mary Smith and Karen Gray entered items in the district fair and received multiple ribbons.

Jefferson County EHC had judges in 11 fairs this year. Bettye Johnson, Kathy Rogers and Mary Smith judged from Camden Road club this year.

At Fall Council this year, Camden Road received third place awards for their scrapbook and secretary book.

The annual Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Luncheon is on Dec. 7. It will be considered as an EHC Fellowship tour. Get tickets at the Salvation Army office for $20.

A County Craft workshop is scheduled for from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 18 at the EHC office. This will be a smorgasbord workshop with multiple crafts demonstrated.

A fair judging meeting is at 10 a.m. Nov. 23 at the EHC office.

Bettye Johnson and Claudia Clark will be the hosts for November. Johnson has scheduled the Delta Rivers Nature Center in Regional Park for the meeting. Game and Fish specialist, Lori Monday, will teach a craft for all members to make.

The annual Jefferson County Extension Club Holiday Foods was Nov. 9 where Camden Road Club was decorating. Several of the members were also involved in working the event.

Members will be volunteering at the Enchanted Land of Lights and Legends on Dec. 7 in Regional Park.

Kathy Rogers, Andrea Hartley, Sue, Hold ford, Karen Gray and Nancy Sumner won door prizes.