The jury trial in Logan County for a murder and arson suspect has been moved forward several times, including forward seven months last week.

Logan County Circuit Judge Jerry Don Ramey on Nov. 26 signed an order of continuance to move Ricky Carter's jury trial forward from the signing date to the week of June 24, 2019 — the sixth order of continuance since Carter was arrested in December 2017. Carter, 28, was charged with first-degree murder and arson for allegedly causing 2-year-old Ryatt Reese to fatally fall the morning of Dec. 21 and then causing an explosion inside the Paris residence where Reese fell.

The order of continuance stated the state and defendant needed additional time to prepare for the case and that Carter requests additional trial days. Logan County Prosecutor Tyler Barham said officials moved the date to secure time in the courtroom for the trial.

"The court found the first days available for what we needed," Barham said.

Carter in December 2017 told Arkansas State Police he grabbed Reese by the ankles and pulled him toward himself after Reese threw up twice. He told State Police he staged the explosion to cover up Reese's death but in a forensic evaluation in September said he did it to kill himself because he regretted his actions, according to records.

Carter while in custody in May was charged with felony terroristic threatening and second-degree battery for allegedly telling a detainee who was yelling at him he was going to kill him several times and pushed a detention officer, according to the probable cause affidavit.

All but two of the orders for continuance in Carter's case cited additional time needed for preparation as a reason, if not the only listed reason. Orders of continuance filed May 11 and Aug. 10 listed pending mental competency issues as the reason. Each of the orders moved the speedy trial calculations forward.

The now-sealed forensic evaluation of Carter as seen by the Times Record in October states he was mentally competent to go to trial.